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Zenith Royal 13 Tansistor Radio

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1 Zenith Royal 13 Tansistor Radio on Thu May 22, 2014 7:44 pm

I bought this radio on Ebay the other day.I've never worked on a transistor radio.
It was listed as not working so I thought it would be something new to try.When
I put batteries in it and turned it on it would only make a clicking sound. The first
thing I did was to replace all of the capacitors.I did get sound but very faint.The
next thing I did was to take a multi meter and start checking voltage's. The NEG.
lead wire from the meter I had hooked to the battery pack. The positive lead I
was using as a probe.As I was probing connections near what looks like a trans
former, I touched a diode,the sound came on load and clear.When I looked at the
multi meter the needle was moving with the sound.Now comes my ? what happened
what caused the radio to start playing. How do I get the radio to work without touching it with the multi meter.
                                     Thanks Roger

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